Meaning of indian flag colours in english

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meaning of indian flag colours in english

Flag Quotes (20 quotes)

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Essay on National Flag / Indian Flag in English by Smile Please Kids

Flag of India

Millions have died for it. It is no doubt a kind of idolatry which would be a sin to destroy. For, a flag represents an Ideal The unfurling of the Union Jack evokes in the English breast sentiments whose strength it is difficult to measure. The Stars and Stripes mean a world to the Americans. The Star and the Crescent will call forth the best bravery in Islam. Every free nation of the world has its own flag. It is a symbol of a free country.

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At the top is saffron, that signifies sacrifice and patriotism. In the middle is white , which stands for truth in word and actions and purity in our thoughts. At the bottom is green , which stands for life and prosperity. In the middle of the white is a blue wheel, called the Ashoka Chakra. It has 24 spokes and it stands for progress. The Chakra or the wheel also symbolizes the Power of the State governed by Dharma.

The National Flag of India is a horizontal rectangular tricolour of India saffron , white and India green ; with the Ashoka Chakra , a spoke wheel, in navy blue at its centre. It was adopted in its present form during a meeting of the Constituent Assembly held on 22 July , and it became the official flag of the Dominion of India on 15 August The flag was subsequently retained as that of the Republic of India. The flag is based on the Swaraj flag, a flag of the Indian National Congress designed by Pingali Venkayya [N 1] and first flown in By law, the flag is to be made of khadi , a special type of hand-spun cloth or silk, made popular by Mahatma Gandhi.

India adopted its current national flag on July 22, , as the country was about the gain independence from Britain on August 15, The flag is made of a triband of the three colors; arranged from top to bottom saffron, white, and green with the three stripes being equal in length and width. The meaning of the three colors which make up the Flag of India is a controversial subject which has spurned numerous theories. One explanation behind the symbolism of the colors is based on the religions found in India. According to this controversial theory, the saffron color being traditionally associated with Hinduism and Buddhism represents the Hinduism and Buddhism in India while green is used to represent Muslims in the country and white is said to represent other minority religions including Christianity. A more widely accepted explanation behind the colors associates the colors to symbolize morals and ethics practiced by Indian people.

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  1. The Stars and Stripes mean a world to the Americans. The Star Assembly held on the 22 July , a few days before India's independence from the British on 15 August, In India, the term "tricolour" refers to the Indian national flag.

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