Inquiry in a short sentence

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inquiry in a short sentence

On Being Blue by William H. Gass

When I arrived on my first year at University, we were given a copy of The Blue Book sometime during our first week. It seemed that the academic authorities did not think that this group of young men and women, in spite of having been selected for a supposedly brilliant intellectual future, really knew what they had in their bodies, nor could they read their own instincts. But it had graphics. We all kept this Blue Book half hidden amongst all the other books although we had the reassuring knowledge that everyone else had a copy as well.

When a few years later I arrived for my graduate studies to another University on another continent, for those of us who wanted to tick off from our graduation requirements our knowledge of some foreign languages, we had to then take during the first weeks our tests in translation. For those tests we were told that we had to use Blue Books.


This anecdote came back to my mind in reading Gass’s mental walk through Blue.

Blue Book had not translated well into Blue Book

The same term, the same language, for both a sex manual and for a booklet with lined paper to be used for university exams. Both blue and both books and the latter one for, ironically, examining abilities in transferring meaning from one language and conventions to another.

Gass’s is another Blue Book. Very much another.

Colors and languages; projections and conventions; words and correspondences; utterances and literary repertoire.

On Desires and Love: love of a person, love of sex, love of learning, chromatic love, love of language.

On perception and sensations: consciousness in colors, sounds in colors, sounds in words, on being and consciousness in words, or in colors.

What is Blue anyway? I don’t sense it as a color.

Is it a word?
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A more severe definition of objectivity that would require a measure of validity outside any tradition of inquiry or paradigm or episteme or habitus is simply uncashable. Kurtz said. Senior staff in particular are only too happy to go along with this, and to leave teaching — or the passing on to the next generation of a tradition of inquiry — to inexperienced and less well-paid junior staff. In an age when higher education is threatened with a relentless technology that threatens to dispense with human beings altogether, Professor Van Doren exemplified a tradition of inquiry that celebrates personal interaction as the path to a meaningful education — one shaped by spontaneity, emotion and, yes, reverence. First, there is the tradition of inquiry into nature founded by the Milesians, and carried on by Xenophanes Mourelatos b and by Heraclitus recent discussion in Graham As the year wore on, they came to realize that they were part of the Great Conversation, a centuries-old tradition of inquiry into hundreds of questions and answers that began with the Greeks, with themselves the judges as to which answer was right.

She had a simple answer to my inquiry about the calls that were never returned—from her or anyone else in the detective bureau. During the Leveson Inquiry , Dance claims to have received a call from the local police. Timeline: Is the story still spreading at the time of the inquiry? This could be the end of the inquiry , but in fact, the court is just getting started. Mitchell says he does not know if his schools are part of any inquiry and has not been contacted by any investigators. Sahwah suggested that we print our inquiry on a pennant and fasten it across the front of the car.

Sentences Mobile Washington, very late, promises scientific inquiry and open debate. These were considered not susceptible to scientific inquiry , not measurable. The study released Monday was the result of that scientific inquiry. CSIRO today has expanded into a wider range of scientific inquiry. A fruit of these gifts is our capacity for scientific inquiry. Like Kiefer, he starts with the mundane scientific inquiry. Mitchill enjoyed popularizing scientific knowledge and promoting practical applications of scientific inquiry.

Example sentences with the word inquiries. inquiries example sentences. in reply to inquiries as to where the prince lived, pointed out a small newly built.
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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! He formalized the structure of medical inquiry as an independent science. Dean eased into the latest news by first telling of Winston's unsuccessful inquiry about a Post Office forwarding address before mentioning his conversation with Mrs. At her inquiry , the doctor said the air tube had not caused any physical damage to Alex's vocal cords. How had their conversation gone from an inquiry about money to a litmus test of their stay in Texas? I'd not remembered that tidbit when Jackson first questioned me, but even now, I was reluctant to move his inquiry in that direction.

Synonyms for inquiry analysis audit examination hearing inspection interrogation investigation probe query question questioning request research scrutiny search study survey check cross-examination disquisition exploration grilling inquest inquisition interrogatory poll pursuit quest Q and A catechizing delving fishing expedition legwork probing quizzing third degree trial balloon MOST RELEVANT. This inquiry is a matter that requires the greatest secrecy. So, turning aside, she soon caught up with the girl and spoke an inquiry. So simple were the words of her inquiry, but under them beat something evil, deadly. As though he had formulated the inquiry into speech the other began directly to speak of it. His wife concurred in every desire; and his inquiry was, in fact, equally her own. He brought an inquiry from the prince,—What was the object of Nelson's note?

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  1. Example sentences with the word inquiry. inquiry example sentences. Anything short of this is merely descriptive and empirical, and affords no rational basis.

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