Shrapnel coming out of skin

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shrapnel coming out of skin

Quote by Bri Lee: “I read once that the human body slowly pushes s...”

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Published 12.12.2018

Extracting a piece of glass from my wife's foot.

Shrapnel Dislodges From Man's Jaw After 65 Years

The case relates to a bookstore owner claiming that two DM hand grenades were exploded simultaneously in his store. There were three males together at the store when the explosion occurred. One was the owner who claimed that he escaped after the explosion without any harm; the other was at the corner lying down to prevent his body from the explosion effect. He survived with very minor, almost no effects. According to the hospital report, it was stated that "cuts on the right femur with sizes of 0. He was next to the lying down male.


Cutaneous sarcoidosis presenting as a cutaneous horn. MIAMI -- Veterans from the first Gulf War with embedded shrapnel have stronger skin reactions to metal allergy than those without shrapnel, according to the first study of cutaneous reactivity to traumatically implanted metals. - Reaching for his handkerchief, he spat out a half-inch metal shard -- shrapnel from a battle injury he sustained 65 years ago. The blast left him with injuries to his face, shoulder and leg, as well as hearing loss.




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  2. When a soldier is injured from a penetration injury, such as a bullet wound or shards of metal from an improvised explosive device, it can often leave them with fragments of foreign material lodged within their bodies.

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