Male that follows rugby culture

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male that follows rugby culture

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Published 12.12.2018

Rugby instils the value of respect - Nigel Owens on sport - London Real

Rugby culture is created out of two different, but connected, parts: The sense of brotherhood or sisterhood and camaraderie shared between players in a club; and the mutual respect between all clubs, which comes from their collective respect for the game. In reality, part of what draws people to the game players and fans alike is the cultural core of rugby.


Watching mud-splattered men intent on maintaining the possession of a ball cradled in their arms, slither into touch on a muddy field grasping onto it for dear life can sometimes leave you wondering about where and when, in the mists of time did this passion for chasing a ball, that many men seem to have, really begin? It is however a vital and important ongoing aspect of our social and cultural development, one whose ideas have had an important and ongoing impact on the evolution of our moral and social mores. The whole idea of turning a game that required a great deal of pushing and shoving to get possession of a ball into a sporting achievement was one of pure genius. It gave virile healthy young men full of testosterone a war they could at last win in the great outdoors without anyone having to die. They were played on cobblestones, or in abject misery on vast muddy fields, with the objective of getting the ball over the nearby local parish boundary. Well so it seemed. The Rugby School had a wonderful expanse of grass for their boys to play on.

You always did. I had just turned 12 when my father passed away from a sudden heart attack. He had not been sick, in fact earlier that night he had been in rude health as he nagged myself and some friends off a pitch we had been reluctant to finish the game of football in the fading light and into the car. To say I added much to the footballing prowess of any teams I was involved with, would be beyond hyperbole. My father coached me in gaelic football and had the idea of signing me up for rugby at the age of 8.

You recover from it.
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A review has been set up to tackle New Zealand's macho rugby culture after a string of scandals this year embarrassed the game's authorities and fans. Scroll down for video. All Blacks star Aaron Smith has offered a tearful apology saying he made an 'error in judgement' after a couple heard him having sex in a disabled airport bathroom. The sporting body acted amid growing public disquiet over the off-field antics of rugby players and NZR's handling of the incidents. Pundits have also labelled it the 'season from hell' for the NZR, tarnishing the image of a sport which is viewed with almost religious fervour in New Zealand.

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