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i want my money pearl

The Pearl Quotes by John Steinbeck

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Published 12.12.2018

Seth Rogen = Worst Person in the World

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Sign in. Renter : Hi, Pearl. Pearl The Landlord : Where's the rent?! Renter : You don't have to raise your voice. Pearl The Landlord : You pay now! Renter : I could give you half. Pearl The Landlord : You pay

I Put you on the streets! I work too hard I want my money bitch! I'm Tired of this crap Mocking renter's anguish Where's the money? I need to get my drink on You pay now Your an a-sshole. Your evicted Full Landlord dialogue.

It's been nine years since we first fell in love with Will Ferrell's drunk mini-landlord, Pearl. In case you missed it, the month-old daughter of "Step Brothers" director Adam McKay terrorized the actor for not paying his rent. In the "Funny or Die" clip that quickly went viral, Will was left in tears after Pearl cursed at him and threatened him to pay up At the end, Ferrell decided that she clearly had been drinking after she took his beer. Check out the hilarious clip below to see her in action!

An interview with the web's favorite pint-sized property manager.

Have any of your friends figured out you were "The Landlord"? - The comedian is an Internet hit with his 2-year-old "landlord," Pearl.

A decade later, "Pearl the Landlord" is all grown up and done avoiding the spotlight, giving an exclusive and, we assume, well-enunciated interview to Vice in honor of the anniversary of the viral short that made her a pint-sized sensation so prepare to feel old. As I stare at my grizzled crone-like reflection, I can't help but look back fondly on "The Landlord," the landmark video that launched the comedy website Funny or Die. Shot quickly and on a tight budget, it cast McKay's then two-year-old daughter, Pearl, as the eponymous landlord and Ferrell, as her unreliable tenant. In the video, the baby landlord demands the rent so she can "Get her drink on," and when verbally abusing Ferrell doesn't work, she steals his beer and toddles away. The team reunited later that year for a follow-up short "Good Cop, Baby Cop," where Pearl gets Ferrell to confess to a crime. Both videos are symbolic of the early days of internet sketch comedy, before the site became the home of "Between Two Ferns," "Drunk History," and perfected the art of the celebrity cameo.


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