Dude wheres my jesus fish

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dude wheres my jesus fish

Dude, Wheres My Jesus Fish?: A Compilation Highlighting the Blunt and Uncompromising Teachings of Arten and Pursah on a Course in Miracles by Mike Lemieux

I finally finished this book! It took me a while but I enjoyed it. I like the Arten and Pursah take on ACIM and found this book a great refresher for all the principles the course teaches.
Some interpretations I agreed with more than others but after some thought everything felt equally valid to me. I also enjoyed the sense of humor in this book, especially the funnies section in the back.
Over all, I would recommend this to anyone interested in ACIM and who doesnt mind some humor with their studies. :)
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Published 12.12.2018

Rappin' for Jesus

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Mike Lemieux

Dude, where's my car?: How stoned is too stoned to drive?

So instead I stopped at a grocery store and picked up ten pounds of bananas. In the past few minutes, as Jeff was turning his joint to ashes, I arranged twenty-four bananas spaced 10 feet apart in two parallel lines forming a lane about twelve feet wide. I tighten my seat belt. That document is about as dull as it sounds, perhaps because the clean-living folks at the NHTSA are not terribly enthusiastic about drivers getting stoned. For instance, they warn that marijuana impairs driving ability immediately, and that its effects can last for up to three hours. He looks about the same, though. The concept of a manual transmission seems gloriously fresh to him.

See a Problem?

So, you're a hero who's a fair way through your quest. You've slain fire - breathing dragons , or assassinated mob bosses , or torn apart an army base filled with hostile aliens. You've cut a swath through the land , slaughtering anything or anyone who gets in your way and spit in the face of impossible odds. You're well on your way to finishing the job, when you need a favor. Anybody who knows who you are should be too grateful or too scared to turn you down, right?

Jesus and Buddha didn't believe in the world because they didn't believe in bullshit. It has to be bigger. Without your belief, the ego is nothing! They saw right through appearances, recognizing them as the hoax that they were. Real forgiveness is remembering that what you are seeing that you think is causing your upset is not real. What if you really understood you made it up?

A couple of days ago I got hold of a copy of The Metaphysics of Sabzavari — I have only flicked through it as yet but I notice he gives an interesting argument to the affect that were not Essence and Existence really distinct something akin to the Riddles of Parmenides would arise. The past fifty years have seen a mass of interest in the Modal Ontological Argument and the Kalam Cosmological Argument, both of which, in the West at least, were developed by Catholic philosophers i. Duns Scotus who, btw, upheld the Logical Distinction and thus would have heartily agreed with Kant on that matter and St. Bonaventure respectively: however, partly because Thomas rejected them this revival occurred outside Catholic circles. I know not all Neo-Scholastic writers are like this now Back to the post at hand so to speak: historically the question has always been whether God is absolute Being or whether He is Beyond-Being, with Aristotelians and some Platonists preferring the former and Neo-Platonists and Hindu philosophers opting for the later. Neither parties would think to question Divine Simplicity however. I have to admit, something about this criticism of A-T metaphysics strikes me as

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