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i am number 4 mogadorians

I Am Number Four Quotes by Pittacus Lore

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I Am Number Four (2011) Bloopers Outtakes Gag Reel

Six states that the Mogadorians were not always hostile to Loric, but something changed between the two races. She tells Sam that in The Power of Six. In The Rise of Nine, the Mogs were observed as to be stupid, but they do seem to be able to understand orders and some can even speak English.


While Earth is beautiful and fascinating, I must admit that I am still partial to my birthplace on Lorien. However, since the Mogadorian conquest, Lorien is not an ideal place to visit, until it is restored to its former glory, I'll be sticking to Earth. For now, I especially enjoy the vacation spot known as Amagansett. Lacey - One day will the Planet Lorien recover from the attack of the Mogadorians? In their wisdom, the Loric Elders put in place a plan for restoring Lorien in case of an attack.

Setrakus Ra was once an elder of an alien race on a planet called Lorien. He and his friend Pittacus Lore become elders in part of council for their bravery in battle with another alien race from the planet, Mogadore. However, he was then removed from the council for preferring conquest over peace. Ever since then, he became the leader of the Mogadorians and was obsessed with conquering the galaxy. He overthrew the elders and ten children of the Lorics escaped to the planet Earth.

Mogadorians are one of three known intelligent beings in the galaxy. There are two types: Vatborn (grown in Vats thanks to Setrakus Ra's genetic engineering).
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Life on Lorien

That's sad, when a movie casts aside all shame, demonstrates itself willing to rip off anything that might attract audiences, and nevertheless fails. What we have here is a witless attempt to merge the "Twilight" formula with the Michael Bay formula. It ends with sexy human teenagers involved in an endless special effects battle with sexy alien teenagers who look like humans, in a high school and on its football field. Let's pause for a moment to consider this apocalyptic battle. It is all special effects. None of it is physically possible. It might as well be a cartoon; it's essentially CGI animation intercut with brief bursts of inane dialogue.

In I went through an odd phase whereby any movie being released based on a book I would read before it came out and sit there and judge it with intense scrutiny. Having seen the trailer for I Am Number Four I then rushing out to grab the book before the impending movie release date. Normally I am not into alien battle type-novels, yet as I started reading I found myself intrigued by the whole set-up and writing style of the mysterious and illusive Pittacus Lore. He may look like one of us but he is secretly from the planet Lorien, a planet which was destroyed by an evil race of aliens known as The Mogadorians. Nine children and nine guardians escaped from Lorien while it was being attacked and the aliens took refuge on Earth, believing it was a safe haven. But the Mogadorians found them and followed them here.

For " Twilight " fans, the good news about "I Am Number Four" is that it is sort of like a sci-fi version of that crazy-popular teen romance. For non-"Twilight" fans, the bad news about it is It might be a dash less smoochy -- an apparent effort to lure boy tweens into the fold -- and there are snatches of enjoyability hidden between the folds of this Michael Bay-produced sci-fi soap opera. But its plot is every bit as silly, its script is every bit as cliche-ridden, its main characters every bit as afflicted by adolescent emotions as those in "Twilight. Instead of teen vampires and werewolves swooning and brooding, "I Am Number Four" -- based, like "Twilight, " on a popular young-adult novel, but with an " Escape From Witch Mountain " twist -- is about a year-old humanoid from the planet Lorien, one of nine children of his race to be gifted with special powers.

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  1. The screenplay, by Alfred Gough , Miles Millar , and Marti Noxon , is based on the novel of the same name , one of the Lorien Legacies young adult science fiction novels.

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