Meaning of vice versa in tamil

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meaning of vice versa in tamil

Tamil: A Biography by David Dean Shulman

Spoken by eighty million people in South Asia and a diaspora that stretches across the globe, Tamil is one of the great world languages, and one of the few ancient languages that survives as a mother tongue for so many speakers. David Shulman presents a comprehensive cultural history of Tamil language, literature, and civilization emphasizing how Tamil speakers and poets have understood the unique features of their language over its long history. Impetuous, musical, whimsical, in constant flux, Tamil is a living entity, and this is its biography.

Two stories animate Shulman s narrative. The first concerns the evolution of Tamil s distinctive modes of speaking, thinking, and singing. The second describes Tamil s major expressive themes, the stunning poems of love and war known as Sangam poetry, and Tamil s influence as a shaping force within Hinduism. Shulman tracks Tamil from its earliest traces at the end of the first millennium BCE through the classical period, 850 to 1200 CE, when Tamil-speaking rulers held sway over southern India, and into late-medieval and modern times, including the deeply contentious politics that overshadow Tamil today.
Tamil is more than a language, Shulman says. It is a body of knowledge, much of it intrinsic to an ancient culture and sensibility. Tamil can mean both knowing how to love in the manner of classical love poetry and being a civilized person. It is thus a kind of grammar, not merely of the language in its spoken and written forms but of the creative potential of its speakers.
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vice versa - Meaning in tamil, what is meaning of vice versa in tamil dictionary, pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of vice versa in tamil and English.
David Dean Shulman

Word meaning of Vice versa in Tamil

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It contains translations for English verbs and defines Tamil verbs. The PDF format displays the dictionary in a human readable form and is suitable for printing. The XML version is a purely electronic form which, while readable by humans, is intended mainly for application development and the creation of searchable electronic databases. In the electronic XML version each entry contains the following: the English entry or head word; the Tamil equivalent in Tamil script and transliteration ; the verb class and transitivity specification; the spoken Tamil pronunciation audio files in mp3 format ; the English definition s ; additional Tamil entries if applicable ; example sentences or phrases in Literary Tamil, Spoken Tamil with a corresponding audio file in. Some foods referenced in the example sentences are illustrated in html files that include detailed description of each dish. It is expected that the dictionary will be useful for Tamil learners, scholars and others interested in the Tamil language.


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