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gears of war games in order

Gears of War Series by Karen Traviss

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Gears of War 1 Full Game Walkthrough / Complete Walkthrough No Commentary

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Gears of War Timeline

The series focuses on the conflict between humanity, the subterranean reptilian hominids known as the Locust Horde, and their mutated counterparts, the Lambent. The franchise consists of six third-person shooter video games, which has also been supplemented by a comic book series and five novels. The first installment, titled Gears of War , was released on November 7, for the Xbox The game follows protagonist Marcus Fenix , a soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments tasked to lead a last-ditch effort to destroy the Locust Horde and save humanity. Two subsequent titles, Gears of War 2 and Gears of War 3 , continued Fenix and humanity's ongoing conflict with the Locust Horde and Lambent forces.

Marcus was once a decorated war hero, but after leaving his guard post during emergence day to warn his father , he was imprisoned for treason. Gears 2 follows the squad as they continue to push the fight to the Locust. Gears of War 3 wraps up the story arc. After abandoning his post to save his father and failing to do so , Marcus was sent to prison for life. However, after Emergence Day his good friend Dominic Santiago busted him out of jail to rejoin the war. Dom is a good friend of Marcus and "bails" him out of jail at the beginning of the first game.

The world is crumbling and your enemies uniting. Gears of War and Funko Pop! Gears of War brings fast-paced brutal action to turn-based tactics. Customize your squad, upgrade your weapons and abilities and battle massive enemies. A new saga begins for one of the most acclaimed video game franchises in history. After narrowly escaping an attack on their village, JD Fenix son of celebrated war hero Marcus Fenix and his friends, Kait and Del, must rescue the ones they love and discover the source of a monstrous new enemy.

Gears of War and Funko Pop!
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On The Radar: Gears 5

A tactical strategy game with a turn-based combat system that is embedded in the universe of the legendary Gears of War series. The fifth installment in the popular TPS series, in which the players assume the role of Kait Diaz, a character featured in Gears of War 4. The main protagonist sets out to the far reaches of planet Sera to solve the mystery behind nightmares that are haunting her and learn more about the origins of Locust.

Gears of War is a video game franchise by Epic Games that debuted on November 9, with Gears of War for the Xbox and was a best-seller. The fictional universe of the series takes place on the fictional planet Sera and focus on a war between humans and creatures known as Locust. The franchise has since spawned a novel and a comic book series, with a film currently in pre-production. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. September

Welcome to On The Radar: The home for in-depth conversations around the world's biggest games. The Gears 5 campaign follows Kait Diaz as she attempts to uncover the secrets of her past, a mission fraught with danger as Sera once again sits on the precipice of war. We spent five hours with the Gears 5 campaign to get a better idea of what The Coalition is trying to achieve here, getting a first look at its big open spaces, side quests, and changes to play that will ultimately ensure that this entry into the long-running series is the most courageous yet. We also had the opportunity to get hands-on with Gears 5's take on Horde mode and the chance to sit down with The Coalition's creative leads to discuss the making of Gears 5. Gears 5 is a big statement of intent for The Coalition. It's the biggest, boldest, and most ambitious Gears of War game ever made, packed with new ideas and fresh ways to play.


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  1. Gears of War: Hollow was the first comic book series based on the Gears of War world. It was first announced by Epic Games.

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