Does god intervene in our daily lives

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does god intervene in our daily lives

Divine Intervention Quotes (143 quotes)

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Published 11.12.2018

Miracles - Divine Intervention & Faith Caught On Camera!

Does God intervene in my life? If so, how?

Many of us must have experienced the power of prayer! Whenever we have any serious problem or some major tension, we look towards God and pray with all our heart. While we are praying, we may sense a whole lot of energy flowing through our body and suddenly a path that leads us to the solution to our long-pending problem flashes before our eyes. We believe God answered our prayers; He came and gave us the energy, He showed us the way forward and made us happy. The fact is that our Soul gives us the answer to our problem. The Soul Aatma resides within every living being. Real knowledge and permanent happiness are among the prominent properties of the Soul alone, and therefore any kind of knowledge or happiness can come from within the Soul alone.

Below is an interview that shows how God works his mysterious wonder. But it also showed how an ordinary person Genevieve introduced David to the idea of actually meeting God! She was surrounded by the Australian acting establishment and I called out to her. She turned around and came running over to me with her pineapple trophy in her hand. There are angels all around this place … God has been reminding me to tell you that he exists … you really need to know that he exists!

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Does God directly intervene in our lives? The Bible assures us that on occasion that He does indeed directly intervene if the situation warrants it and that we, His children, have angels that surround us and are charged with helping to protect us. They shall bear you up in their hands, lest you dash your foot against a stone. Incidentally I want to thank all of you who checked out the website for my book and sent such nice comments. If you have not seen it you can simply go to WWW.

I think we all watched in horror as recent storms killed many people in the Philippines but what struck me was that when you ask the question "How could your God do that to those people" many religious people state that God has given us free will and does not get involved in the day to day running of the show. OK so he's a kind of hands off God, I can see how that would help the devout continue their belief or perhaps suspend their disbelief in times of utter horror. What I do not understand is why they then turn up to their place of worship and pray. Surely that will just annoy any deity who has made it clear that he is not going to get involved and no matter how much we might not like it, Auntie Flo's cancer is still going to take her sooner or later. Not only that but he deliberately and knowingly caused all the pain and suffering in the world since he knew exactly what was going to happen when he created everything.

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  2. But what is divine intervention really, and what are some divine intervention examples that show clearly how God steps in and makes His plans known?

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