Will i suit blonde hair

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will i suit blonde hair

Quiz Town - ? Quizzes on Your Personality ?: What Hair Color Would Suit You? Showing 1-40 of 40

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Here's how to tell which shade of blonde will suit you

Everyone and their grandmothers seem to be dyeing their hair. Dw, our handy guide will turn you into a colour chameleon in no time. The eyes are the window to the soul — and your hair colour. Before we go any further, take a good look at your eyes. Got the colour? Go for golden, ashy tones.

Expert tips and advice on how to make blonde hair work with your skin tone and how to know which shade and colour will suit you.
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Essential maintenance tips:

By most sound estimates, only about two percent of the world's population is naturally blonde. And while statistics are inconclusive as to how many of us are blonde by other means — "unnatural" blonde is so harsh, no?

Both the colour of your skin, and whether or not you have cool or warm undertones, will affect how flattering a colour will be. First up you need to determine whether or not your skin has cool or warm undertones. An easy way to determine your skin type is by tying your hair back and draping a white towel over around your neck and shoulders, if your skin looks slightly red you have cool undertones whereas if your skin looks yellowish you have warm tones. Another handy hack for telling your tone is by looking at the veins in your wrist - if they appear blue you are cool toned, and if they are green you are warm toned. To complicate things even further, you may well be a combination of both, what colourists call neutral toned. The key rule when choosing your blonde shade, is pick one that is opposite to your own skin tone.

We have all, at one point or another, daydreamed about changing our hair colour. Whether it's a thought-out decision or just a morbid curiosity, we just wanna know what we'd look like with hair that's the polar opposite to what it is now. But dyeing your hair needs careful consideration - you don't wanna have a drastic change in colour, only to discover there's a good reason why you've never had black hair. Here's our guide on how to pick a new hair colour and not regret it. It really is the little things in life we appreciate.

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