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who wants old encyclopedia sets

The Childrens Encyclopedia (Ten Volume Set) by Arthur Mee

Available in public domain. Volume one (of ten volumes) is digitally preserved here: http://childrensencyclopedia.blogspot...

The Childrens Encyclopedia, originally titled The Childrens Encyclop?dia, was a printed encyclopedia originated by Arthur Mee, and published by the Educational Book Company Ltd., a subsidiary of the Amalgamated Press of London. It was published from 1908 through to 1964, and was found in many family homes throughout the British Empire.

The format of the Encyclopedia was unusual: because it was originally published in fortnightly parts between March 1908 and February 1910. Some readers could have bound their own collections, but the first eight-volume sets were published in 1910.

Each section contained a variety of articles, developing its various topics as it progressed. The work could be used as a conventional reference library (the last volume contained a very extensive alphabetical index), or each section could perhaps be read from start to finish. Articles could also be dipped into at random to provide entertainment and reading matter whenever required.

The Encyclopedia was originally organised into the following sections (there were some changes in subsequent editions). (Some of these titles in fact cover scientific subjects such as geology, biology, astronomy, etc. but such scientific terms were generally avoided.)

* Familiar Things, by Many writers
* Wonder, by The Wise Man
* Nature, by Ernest Bryant and Edward Step
* The Child’s Own Life, by Dr. Caleb Saleeby
* The Earth, by Dr. Caleb Saleeby
* All Countries, by Frances Epps
* Great Lives, by Many writers
* Golden Deeds, by Many writers
* Bible Stories, by Harold Begbie
* Famous Books, by John Hammerton
* Stories, by Edward Wright
* Poetry, by John Hammerton
* School Lessons, by several writers, including Lois Mee, Arthurs sister
* Things To Make and Things To Do, by Many writers

The Encyclop?dia broke new ground in the approach to education, aiming to make learning interesting and enjoyable. Its articles were clearly written. Some - in particular the scientific series - would have been challenging even to intelligent teenagers. It aimed above all to develop character and sense of duty.

The Encyclopedia was re-edited for the US market and retitled The Book of Knowledge (1911-12). A new company, Grolier, was founded to publish and distribute the book.
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A new life for old books

Finding the Value of Old Encyclopedia Sets

Donating books like encyclopedia sets is a way to help others and get rid of that huge set that's taking up extra space. There are many options about where to donate books, but some options are only available for entertainment books or very specific types of books. Encyclopedia sets are meant to help others gain knowledge about a large variety of subjects, so there are fewer options for donating these books than there are for donating old novels. Give the entire set to Books for Africa. This charitable organization takes donations of books, especially encyclopedias and other knowledge-building books, and gives them to schools and libraries in Africa to help children gain an education. Donate the set to a local library. Even if the library does not need the encyclopedia set, it often will take donations and use those donations by selling them to raise money for the library.

With two expertly stained rounds of wood at each end, and books spiraling in between, this table is the epitome of upcycling innovation. Being able to create something beautiful, unique, and useful out of items otherwise deemed as trash is a great skill. These books had essentially gone unopened for years. Holes drilled, this DIY-er did a test run of what the entire table would look like, books spiraled in place. In order to secure the spiraled books in place, this DIY-er outfitted the table top with a metal rod. Next, the DIY-er started threading each encyclopedia volume onto the metal rod, carefully spiraling each book into position.

Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question. I have a set of encyclopedias from " The American Educator " and I'm wondering how much they are worth. By Nancy R. The place I always start with to try to find somethings resale value, is looking on ebay, it may not be very accurate, as some things never sell, but it is free, and usually fast. If not, you can probably search for that name and year, and in the list of sites, find someone that sells that very same thing, with a price they want for theirs.

What Are The Most Valuable Encyclopedias?

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Before home computers and compact discs made storage of, and access to, massive amounts of the written word practicable, encyclopedia sales people went door-to-door selling sets of books to parents eager to give their children a leg up on their school work. The premiere set to own, and one that marked a family as serious about education, was the Encyclopedia Britannica. Many families now own an outdated Britannica set and feel uncomfortable about just disposing of an expensive set of books by throwing them into the trash. To avoid this, Britannica owners should investigate the many places that will still accept encyclopedias as a donation. Call your local library and ask if they have a used book sales room. If so, they often will feature encyclopedia sets for sale to the public. The money raised in these fundraisers are often used to buy new books.

While the digital age has revolutionized the way information is shared and digested, it has also rendered longstanding reference tools obsolete. Encyclopedias, once considered indispensable tomes for higher education, have largely gone the way of the dodo: extinct. The print encyclopedia format simply cannot compete with online resources in terms of information accessibility, volume, price and date relevance. Thus, many U. The following will help you determine the value of your encyclopedias. Are they worth anything?

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