Glenn beck radio ratings 2016

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glenn beck radio ratings 2016

Liars: How Progressives Exploit Our Fears for Power and Control by Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck, #1 bestselling author and radio host, reveals the cold truth behind the ideology of progressivism and how the tenets of this dangerous belief system are eroding the foundation of this country.


Politics is no longer about pointing to a shining city on the hill; it’s about promising you a shiny new car for your driveway. The candidate who tells the people what they want to hear is usually the one who wins—facts be damned.

Politicians may be sleazy and spineless, but they’re not stupid. They see that the way to win is by first telling people everything that is wrong with the world, and then painting a vision of the life they want—a Utopian vision that they’ll create right here on earth, one where no one is ever sick or hungry, jobless, or homeless. All we have to do is surrender our freedom and someone else’s wallet and they’ll make it happen.

And so they continue to lie, and we continue to believe them, and they keep winning elections.

The only way to break the cycle is to understand why Americans fall for the deception over and over again. In Liars, #1 bestselling author and nationally syndicated radio host Glenn Beck reveals the startlingly simple answer: fear.

At our most basic level, we’re all afraid of something. Progressives from both parties exploit this by first pointing out the things we should be afraid of, and then offering us “solutions” to these fears. Solutions that always require us to give up our freedoms. Solutions that are based on two things: lies, and an unrelenting hunger for power and control.

In his signature no-holds-barred way, Beck destroys the false promises of Progressivism and takes us through its history, showing how each “wave” built up on the one before it, ultimately washing up to the beach in the form of Barack Obama—and whoever is next.
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Glenn talks to Don Lemon - "Glenn Beck Radio Program"

The Glenn Beck Radio Program is an American conservative talk radio show hosted by marked a year of substantial ratings growth. In , the theme song became "We Are One", sung by David Osmond (son of Alan Osmond ) and.
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Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. TheBlaze, the conservative cable media company established in Dallas by former Fox News host and chalkboard enthusiast Glenn Beck, seems to be struggling to stay afloat. And based on Beck's recent CNN interview, that's starting to get to its founding father. He made even more millions from his online subscribers to TheBlaze's streaming online media channel before joining Dish Network later that year. For the last few years, however, downsizing has plagued the company, including a recent wave of layoffs that cut TheBlaze's staff totals and changed the company's leadership. The Daily Beast reported that TheBlaze has been trying to find a buyer to help strengthen the network's struggling bottom line.

In the United States, radio listenership is gauged by Nielsen and others for both commercial Sirius XM Radio has a base of million subscribers as of Note that although shows such as Beck's and Levin's are listed under "West Beginning with the –31 radio season, three ratings services measured radio .
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Rush Limbaugh remains top dog on the Talkers magazine most influential radio show hosts , a spot he's held for ten consecutive years., Howard Stern tops Forbes highest-paid radio hosts list for the third year in a row. But the healthy paychecks of the world's highest-paid radio hosts belies the turbulence the radio industry is experiencing amid technological change.

This is a station to be proud to listen to, and to be syndicated on. The Celtics and Bruins are playoff teams every year. It is still a popular item in many circles and it has undergone some upgrades that allow them to do well in the modern world. This is what selectivity as a feature prevents. These reports are produced every 13 weeks and capture radio tuning habits by station from our Portable People Meter PPM panel.

In the United States, radio listenership is gauged by Nielsen and others for both commercial radio and public radio. Because there are significant gaps in Nielsen's coverage in rural areas, and because there are only a few markets where the company's proprietary data can be compared against competing ratings tabulators, there is a great deal of estimation and interpolation when attempting to compile a list of the most-listened-to radio programs in the United States. Arbitron , the radio industry's largest audience-measurement company, says that "the job of determining number of listeners for Rush Limbaugh is too complicated, expensive and difficult for them to bother with. Talkers Magazine , an American trade publication focusing on talk radio , formerly compiled a list of the most-listened-to commercial long-form talk shows in the United States, based primarily on Nielsen data. In addition to Talkers' independent analyses, radio companies of all formats include estimates of audience in news releases. The nature of news releases allows radio companies to inflate their listener totals by obscuring the difference between listeners at any given time, cumulative listenership over a time frame, and potential audience. The total listenership for terrestrial radio as of January was million, [3] up from million in

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