Tina turner dancers 2009 tour

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tina turner dancers 2009 tour

I, Tina by Tina Turner

Eat the cake anime! This is one of the funniest quotes from the book I, Tina. I, Tina is one of the few books I have read in my spare time out of boredom. Surprisingly, I enjoyed this book so much that I then went out my way to see the movie. The movie was just as amazing as the book itself. The fact that this book was non-fiction, made me enjoy it because I only like fictional books to a certain extent. The humor and sorrow played out well in I, Tina because it made me think and at the same time, I could relate to it. One more thing that I loved about the book was how it ended.

Being that I, Tina is somewhat of a biography on Tina Turner’s life, you should automatically know that this book is non-fiction. I love when I am able to relate to a book and that is exactly why I enjoyed this book. Tina included real characters and real events in the book, which made it very interesting and hard to put down. One part of the book that amazed me was when Tina spoke about the birth of her child and how Ike snuck her and the baby out of the hospital, knowing that Tina had a low blood count. He did this just so Tina could continue to sing, he didn’t care about her health. Tons of feeling and emotion was put into the book because you can feel it through writing.

Although I, Tina is a serious it is very humorous. I, Tina has very sad parts but I thought they were hilarious. The book has tons of emotional chapters it makes me feel like i was in Tina Turners shoes but even though is heavily emotional it makes me laugh. A funny part of the book was when Ike Turner made Tina eat the cake. It was funny but sad at the same time because it wasnt funny to Tina.

In conclusion, the story of her flight from Ike with thirty-six cents to her name; the subsequent lawsuits for breach of contract and her comeback to fame and fortune that topped anything she had known when she was part of Ike-and-Tina-Turner is well known enough not to have to recount here; but most of this book is a fascinating and well-written exploration of her childhood, her rise to fame, and the hell of her marriage with Ike, told by many different voices besides hers and Ikes that were witness to it all. We listen to Tinas own voice: I gave in to myself. I went inside of me to help me. You can do it. We look at Tina now, heading for seventy and still drop-dead gorgeous, and we feel a deep admiration and respect for a very magnificent lady. This book is inspired reading.

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Tina Turner - The Best - Live in Arnhem (2009)

In conjunction with the tour, Turner released the compilation album, Tina! earning over $ million—becoming the 9th highest earning tour in . The singer departs the stage once again and her background dancers (known as .
Tina Turner

Tina Turner Dancers

It was wonderful to finally get to meet so many Tina fans and many are now life long friends. Thnx Ben and Sjef… I am curious how long this list of fans is going to be.. And to Laurel, thnx for your sharing your Tina story! Like Like. Great story Laurel.

Sign in. Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " explains how her newfound popularity is fueling Season 2 of the hit series. Watch now. Compilation of Tina Turner's two final concerts at Wembley Stadium, recorded during her 'Twenty Four Seven' tour, and featuring classic hits, cover versions and new songs. I happened to be there on the Saturday. The video has been shortened slightly but still a must for the collection.

This tour is Tina Turner's biggest outing to date. The tour was sponsored by Hanes, as Tina Turner became the spokesperson for their new hosiery line. The tour was financially successful, especially in North America. It is estimated that tour grossed over 20 million dollars with an attendance of over , spectators. Shortly after the release of the James Bond theme GoldenEye, Tina Turner announced that she will embark on a tour in the Spring of The tour unofficially began with six rehearsal dates in Asia, Africa and Europe.

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Louis stage for her first professional performance. You owe it to the people, go back to work!

It was the first tour by Turner in eight years, following her record-breaking " Twenty Four Seven Tour ". The trek marked the singer's 50th year in music—since joining Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm in St. Louis , Missouri. In conjunction with the tour, Turner released the compilation album, Tina! Beginning October , the tour performed in over 40 cities throughout North America and Europe. With the tour, Turner continued her success in concert sales.

I t has not been enough for her simply to survive. Technically Tina Turner , 70 this year, could have been described as having managed that just by being alive: to have survived Ike's beatings and abuse, and the food-stamps years, dog-broke, fallen as far as you'd think possible from the top: technically, you could call her a survivor were she sucking on rusks in a dusty old gals' home back in Nutbush, Tennessee. Survivors, troupers - often wildly overused words. The pumped, thrilled audiences at the O2 this week were in the presence of the genuine article. I mean, 70 this year And then she starts to sing, and you forget pretty much all of it.


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