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ellie harrison outrageous acts of science

Behind the Lines-Hanoi: December 23, 1966-January 7, 1967 by Harrison E. Salisbury

Stupidity , contrary to popular thinking, is not the special trait found only in individuals without decent formal education, people with inborn defect of the brain or people who are addicted to control substances as alcohol and/ or drugs.
Stupidity, strange enough, is a common trait found in a vast number of people ,by conventional standard are considered as the cream of the crop.They occupy a great proportion among journalists, politicians, even authors with most- sought -for awards ( Nobel, Pulitzer , etc)

You know what I am driving at , and many if not most of you will strongly protest. I know. How can I, a nobody really, just a lowly book reviewer with nothing ever been published , who possesses a rather poor command of English, has the nerve to toss such an outrageous comment toward such a famous author, a well known journalist, a winner of such an esteemed award as the Pulitzer ?

The fact is, he is not only stupid, but also as a product of his environment where he is living, he owes his well being to the corrupt social and political system of imperialism and capitalism, therefore it is easy to understand he is blind to the evilness of it. Consciously or unconsciously he has failed to see that his root and the roots of most people in the Western world are embedded into the blood of countless victims of the imperialists from the very early centuries until the present time .As the result, his political view is bias in favor of imperialist and capitalist and of course , against their victims.

I am not just smearing his reputation without any concrete evidence. The following are evidences of his stupidity and said blindness .

When I asserted that he is very stupid, I dont mean he himself only .Together with him are the political and social elite, actually the ruling elite , the nobles and high priests that he is serving.Actually, even a majority of the middle class people are also suffered from this mental defect.Only the vast majority of working mass, especially the poor people are aware of the great injustice and cruelty of war, wagging by the ruling elite and the industrialists.Unfortunately, these people who are trapped in the very bottom of our society are powerless to make their voice heard.

Why can I label them as stupid ?

The best answer to this question , strange enough , is another question.

For the sake of argument, lets make up a hypothetical scenario: the Vietnamese government found that the American Indian are being robbed cleanly of almost all of their ancestral land, more than 99 percent of it.( this fact is not hypothetical , by the way )By whom ? Do I need to elaborate ?
Naturally the victims fought back , but unfortunately, owing to their inferior fire power, they were massacred, jailed, intimidated and tortured for centuries.Even right now, this evil deed is still being carried out by the US governments at all levels against the Native American right activists and any member of their tribes who refused to give up their miserably tiny but sacred ancestral land they are still managed to cling to.Even peaceful demonstrations are harshly suppressed by these evil governments using all the military and police forces at their disposal. ( For more information about this subject, please read my book reviews of BLOOD OF THE LAND or visit https:// www.aim.org .You can also look up articles about Leonard Peltier )

Then let imagine the Vietnamese government, in response to the appeal from the Native American victims mentioned above, sent troops, jet bombers, tanks, jet fighters to contain the American government aggression against the said Native American .This military force will do the same evil deed similar to what the American armed forces had done to the Vietnamese villages and towns for more than 20 years.One single example : The massacre of 500 Vietnamese villagers at My Lai.( The total casualty for the Vietnamese in this dirty war is about 3 millions)


What will this stupid journalist Salisbury think of the above scenario ? And what all of the stupid book reviewers, perhaps mostly are American , who highly praised this book , think ?

Sure, it is very easy for you to praise this book very highly because your houses , schools,churches,trains, storage facilities and even farms and river dykes were not being bombed , your unarmed family members, even children of tender ages were not killed and injured by all kinds of rockets, bombs and machine gun bullets falling from the sky.Your villages, towns and cities were not been flatten by B52 FLYING FORTRESS S carpet bombing and millions of tons of all kind of explosive devices, including rockets of all sizes for a duration of not several years but almost 20 years.

Salisbury has witnessed with his own eyes the havoc, the terrible destruction by American bomber which destroyed targets that according to him are without any military in nature.They were mostly civilian targets.

But the author has hardly raised any voice to protest .What he has done was to simply report what he has seen.Let me ask you , what is the purpose of your reporting, assuming you have a good conscience. Didnt you see the unjust, the cruelty,the stupidity, the serious criminality of the bombing ?. It is crime against humanity, punishable by international tribunal, similar to the crime committed by the Nazis against the Jew.
I am sure you will cry your head off if THE SAME CRIMINAL ACTS described above IS DONE TO YOUR FELLOW AMERICAN AND YOUR COUNTRY BY ANY FOREIGN armed FORCE.

You must understand , whoever choose to be a writer, doesnt mater what he aspires himself to be, once he hold the pen in his hand,it is my conviction that he must assume the noble role of a warrior, without any weapon other than a pen.He is destined , he is expected TO FIGHT FOR HUMANITY, TO PROTECT , to defend THE VOICELESS, THE POWERLESS, THE PENNILESS , the miserable working mass........to fight for JUSTICE, freedom, democracy, equality, compassion and fraternity among other ideals , NOT TO ACT AS THE PROPAGANDIST FOR THE NOBLES , THE POLITICIANS, THE INDUSTRIALISTS (and their shifty lobbyists), THE MILITARY HONCHOS AND THE HIGH PRIESTS who are indisputable WAR PROFITEERS .I am sure you know and understand very well the military-industrial complex.You wage war, I supply guns, we both make big bucks.

It is so shameful for you, an award winning reporter, journalist, a senior editor with extended experience and with a formidable reputation, who was the only Western journalist gained access to the most reclusive government of the North Vietnam, in part by the virtue of a letter written by the wife of Norman Morison, who has lighted up his very body to bring the worlds attention to the atrocity committed by the US governments against the Vietnamese civilians.( I am taking the liberty to interpret Morison goal)

But what you have written in this book is completely a betrayal of the noble and sacred role of ( my interpretation) a journalist especially of your stature.In your report, you even had the steel nerve to suggest to your evil countrymen, the jet bomber pilots to direct their bomb to DRAGON JAW BRIDGE ( instead to lesser targets)

You know, GOLDEN GATE is a magnificent engineering achievement , a breathtaking sight .However, the DRAGON JAW BRIDGE, regardless of who has built it, regardless of how small it is comparing with the Golden Gate, is the jugular arterial and vein for Vietnam .It must be as sacred as , if not more than the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE. It should stand above, way above any political , ideological conflict and squabble .How dare anybody would even think about its destruction , especially you, of all people.Shame to you.

If I am not mistake, you have the audacity to write something to the effect that the destruction you have witnessed in North Vietnam was really not a big deal ( my interpretation) . After all you have witnessed much worse elsewhere .I am really impressed with your personal encounters, personally witnessed with your own eyes the terrible destruction in much larger scale during WWII comparing to what you have seen in Vietnam.
Nevertheless, it is not excusable for you to make light of the latter destruction.Just because we are not whites, we are not disposable .Excuse us , regardless of the skin color, we are human beings, not just little monkeys like Commander Jeremiah A Denton or his buddy has thought ( in his memoir WHEN HELL WAS IN SESSION for which I have reviewed)

Talk about the evilness of White Devils ! How can I make any other assessment that is political correct ? Just read all the book reviews for this book.Most of the reviewers are swoon with joy reading this report/investigation and giving it the highest rating NEVER MIND THE BOOK has failed to express any just outrage toward the US GOVERNMENT S criminality in the dirtiest war it directed from afar, ignoring all the TERRIBLE agony, paint and grief physically , mentally AS WELL AS spiritually that millions of Vietnamese and a much lesser number of the American youth had to suffer while locking into a conflict that should have never been happened at all or at least not as long.

What a price we all had paid for the STUPIDITY of a ( relatively ) few !

Mercy me !
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Eleanor Harrison born 17 November is an English television presenter , best known for co-presenting Countryfile since Born to a father who was a carpenter , Harrison grew up in rural Gloucestershire close to Cirencester , where the family grew their own fruit and vegetables and kept chickens. Through his father, Hutchings had contacts in Zimbabwe from the shooting of the Clint Eastwood film White Hunter Black Heart , which allowed the couple to visit the country, where Harrison gained her interest in wildlife. To support herself while exploring a career in country music , Harrison undertook a series of temporary jobs, ending up as a secretary at Channel 5. Picked from a line-up to host the children's show Milkshake! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The program features homemade science experiments and stunts , often accompanied by warnings of "don't try this at home" when doing so might endanger the viewer. For the U. TV network , it was the top-rated show of Each episode focuses on a particular science theme that features the cleverest, funniest, most daring, or just downright bizarre clips, along with an explanation and breakdown from science and engineering experts, including Hakeem Oluseyi , Debbie Berebichez , Carin Bondar and also-comedians Helen Arney , Matt Parker , Adam Ruben , and Tom Wrigglesworth , among others. The expert panel's explanations are accompanied with storytelling motion graphics and an explanation of what, how and why these clips were scientifically possible. In mid , the last ten episodes of season seven aired on Discovery Channel Australia as Dr. Karl's Outrageous Acts of Science , hosted by Dr.


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  1. Eleanor Harrison (born 17 November ) is an English television presenter, best known for Tracks, The Great British Winter and The One Show for the BBC ; and Daily Planet & Outrageous Acts of Science for the Discovery Channel.

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