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billy arjan singh tiger haven

Tiger Haven by Billy Arjan Singh

This book tells the story of the authors work to protect a small part of Indias once vast wildlife. The Tiger Haven stands in northern India, five miles from the Nepal border, where the plains of Uttar Pradesh give way to terai forests and then to the Himalayan foothills. It shelters one of the last remaining herds of swampdeer. Here, Billy Arjan Singh discusses the history of the reserve, surveys the forces competing for the land, and collects his many years of detailed research on its wildlife, which include chital, sambhar, leopard, marsh crocodile, hogdeer, and the tiger.
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Kunwar "Billy" Arjan Singh (15 August – 1 January ) was an Indian hunter turned . New Delhi; Shaminder Boparai, and A. Mookerjee (ed.) Billy Arjan Singh – Tiger of Dudhwa with support from WWF, Tiger Haven Society.
Billy Arjan Singh

Meet Billy Arjan Singh

The tiger is at the centre of this truth. If it goes, we go. During an extraordinary life, most of which was spent on his farm Tiger Haven, Billy devoted himself to tiger conservation. The former hunter turned conservationist was instrumental in persuading Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to create a tiger reserve in Dudhwa. Billy was the author of many popular books and received worldwide acclaim for his conservation efforts which includes India's highest national award the Padma Shri , World Wildlife Fund gold medal , the Order of the Golden Ark , the J. Billy was an opinion-maker and a proponent of direct action whose legacy will continue to motivate wildlife conservationists around the world.

An uniquely tenacious champion of India's big cats, Billy Arjan Singh devoted 50 years to the conservation of tigers and leopards. Yet as a boy he had been a bloodthirsty killer, gunning down every animal in sight. He was a scion of a princely Sikh family, the Kapurthalas, and because his father managed a huge estate at Balrampur, some miles north-east of Lucknow, he grew up among the great forests of Northern India, in a place where people shot big game as a matter of course. He killed his first leopard at the age of 12, his first tiger at His fascination with wild animals was increased by the fact that in Nainital, the Himalayan resort where he went to school, he sat at the feet of the legendary hunter-naturalist Jim Corbett, and heard at first hand the stories which Corbett later published in his book Man-Eaters of Kumaon. Billy's family had strong English connections. His father Jasbir Singh went to Balliol, and he himself hoped to go to Oxford, but in the event had to be content with Allahabad University.

Paryavaran Prehari This group is the culmination of 5 years of wildlife and environment education. Corcovado Foundation Costa Rica and Tiger Haven Society India have agreed to a collaboration starting with exchanging knowledge and experiences and looking at joint projects and funding. Click here to know more about Corcovado foundation. Please help improve the situation by supporting wildlife and environment, buying organic produce even if it is more expensive, refuse plastic carry bags, separate garbage and do composting at home. Grow plants and a tree. Be an environment warrior. At dusk, they blaze back the ambient light with awe inspiring intensity.

Corcovado Foundation Costa Rica and Tiger Haven Society India have agreed Tiger Haven Society was founded in by Kr. “Billy” Arjan Singh at the age.
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A Tribute to Billy Arjan Singh

M aybe it was the only way to save tigers, but Billy Arjan Singh had a fearsome reputation for being crusty, cantankerous, and unwilling to compromise when it came to the protection of the wild places he loved and championed. He believed that as long as the big cats flourished as apex predators, a healthy jungle would be secured — he advocated for Dudhwa to become a sanctuary, and led a controversial experiment to supplement its depleting leopard and tiger population by rehabilitating captive cats back into the wild. He had heard of Tiger Tops but was deeply distrustful of tourism and the media as relevant to his conservation struggle. Like many on a mission, Billy was hard to approach but once accepted he became a loyal friend with his acerbic humour and shy charm. Billy and Harriet being filmed by Dieter Plage of Survival Anglia crossing the river into the Park with Eelie the dog near Tiger Haven Staying with Billy on the edge of the national park, wild animals had undisputed priority. Humans took breakfast in a cage on the veranda whilst the increasingly boisterous big cats roamed free — a precious privilege to be in such close proximity, with our roles reversed. The python, Monty, snoozed in the granary rafters, and a passing troupe of rhesus monkeys coughed nearby.

Born in Gorakhpur on August 15, , three decades before India's Independence, the feisty 'Billy' Arjan Singh is a man ahead of his time. His ancestors found favour in the court of Queen Victoria and he is a living legend today; considered by some to be the very soul of the Indian tiger. Unpopular for having helped put 26 shikar companies out of business 40 years ago, his life has been mired in controversy ever since he reintroduced Tara, a hybrid, zoo-born tigress into the wilds of Dudhwa. The forest department insists that the cat had to be shot as a man-eater; but Billy insists that Tara's progeny are still doing well. Living now at Tiger Haven, wilderness he saved from the press of agriculture, he angrily castigates his critics in the forest department, accusing them of being both ignorant and incompetent.

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