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powdered eggs where to buy

Powdered Eggs by Charles Simmons

I hope that all of my recent five star reviews to not dissuade you to the authenticity of my ratings. I was even hesitant if I should rate this book five stars because of the above mentioned issue, but then I figured that rating this lower because of previous high ratings was ridiculous. So another five stars it is. I just hope that you dont think Im an overly agreeable reader. Because Im not. Im a harsh bitter bookworm for the most part :P

Anyways sorry for the ramblings, on with the review.

I loved this book. Although it is hard to describe what its about. The story follows a young mans daily life, although there are many stories inside the story. I didnt mind this fact, but some people may find it a little annoying. For example the main character is a writer and he randomly will include long passages of his novel in the book. However I found his novel quite amusing so I did not mind.

I found the narrative to be relatable, humorous and witty. Even though in my opinion the plot was about nothing in particular I had such a fun time reading this and it was so hard to put down.

The only criticism is that the main character is supposed to be in his early twenties but I feel like he sounds much older than that. I would not classify this book as young adult because in my opinion it was very mature in an juvenile way if that makes sense.

Overall I thought this was a quick witted, funny read and I would recommend. The title is random as hell though.

Note: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.
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