Darth vader 13 part 2

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darth vader 13 part 2

Darth Vader #13: Vader Down, Part 2 by Kieron Gillen

Darth Vader #13 is part two of the crossover series Vader Down. The Sith Lord is now stranded on the planet Vrogas Vas in search for Luke Skywalker. Invoking the same fear as Rorschachs line Im not locked here with you, youre locked in here with me, Darth Vader proves why is a force to be feared as he kills, guns down, utterly destroying any rebel force that try to defeat him. This whole crossover is a love letter for fans of Darth Vader.

Tank attacks? No problem.

As much as I love what the creator team is doing with Darth Vader, I feel terribly sorry to all those Rebels tasked to defeat the Sith lord. They are all helpless against this force user (but then, when you think about those who were killed in the Death Star, Darth Vader just evens out the loses the empire suffered.

Vader Down is a quality series. It is a fun and easy read that should be experienced by all Star Wars fans.
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Darth Vader #13 Recap & Review (Vader Down Part 2)

This is the second comic of the crossover series of Darth Vader (by Marvel) and Star Wars (by Marvel.
Kieron Gillen

“Fleshlights In The Dishwasher” – GCC #13 Part 2 – Time Travel, Sex Robots & Darth Vader’s Cape

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Darth Vader (2017-2018) #13

Note that comic book stores get these about two weeks earlier. It also has pretty much the entire Legends collection. The Palpatine line should be one year. Although I'd assume he's generalizing and it's not literally one year to the day. Despite the obvious continuity error I really enjoyed this issue. Interested to learn more about the new human?

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