Little girl who paints visions of heaven

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little girl who paints visions of heaven

Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry by Akiane Kramarik

Ten-year-old prodigy Akiane Kramarik shares her artwork, poetry, and the fascinating story surrounding her talent.
Growing up in a home with an atheistic mother and a non-participating Catholic father did not stop four-year-old Akiane Kramarik from finding God. This girls dreams began a conversation in the home that has eventually brought them all to Christianity and the worlds attention. Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry is a collection of the best of Akianes full-color paintings and poetry created from ages 4 to 10, along with details of her family and the amazing stories that surround each unique artwork. Already a media professional, Akiane has been interviewed on programs such as Oprah, World News Tonight, Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN, and Schullers Hour of Power. Akiane will be one of twenty visual artists participating in the October Listen event raising money for the worlds needy children. Today Akianes art is available online at
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Child Prodigy Is a Self-Made Millionaire from Selling Her Incredible Paintings - SuperHuman Geniuses

For child art prodigy Akiane, Jesus is for real

Do you believe heaven is real? Well, according to Colton Burpo and Akiane Kramarik it is! A child art prodigy, Akiane began creating extraordinary, lifelike paintings of Jesus at a very young age. This masterpiece was identified by Colton Burpo as the Real Face of Jesus that he recognized from his heavenly experiences told in a story that has reverberated around the world, thanks to the bestselling book and subsequent movie, Heaven is for Real. How does Akiane know so much about Heaven? Where do her visions originate?

She began drawing at the age of four. Her education began at a parochial school, but she was later homeschooled. Religious art of sculptures, reliefs and paintings in one of the parochial schools I attended greatly influenced my later attraction to legendary figures. For the first time I got to encounter the world's view of what divinity was supposed to be, but deep down I felt that I perceived everything in a much broader and deeper sense. It appeared to me as if most people were completely ignorant of other realities, or that the realities they perceived were seen only from a very narrow angle. Kramarik is a self-taught painter and claims that Jesus spoke to her when she was four years old, encouraging her to draw and paint her visions. She painted Jesus at the age of 8 years old.

Akiane Kramarik is an American poet and painter. She began drawing at the age of four. However, according to Kramarik, her main inspiration comes from her visions of Heaven and her religious experiences. At the young age of eight, a mysterious carpenter was introduced to her in the hope that his facial features.
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The film "Heaven Is For Real," based on the bestselling novel by Todd Burpo, tells the story of a young boy who visits heaven following a near-death experience. In the story, the boy, Colton, shares his journey with his family, describing heaven, angels, and meeting Jesus Christ. Following Colton's story, his skeptical father shows the boy several pictures of images, asking him to identify which one was Jesus. However, it's not until the end of the film that Colton reveals the face of Jesus from a picture on his father's laptop. An unrevealed character in the film referred to as the "young Lithuanian girl" paints the images of Jesus, but viewers are never told who the girl is, and how, exactly, she relates to Colton. At the age of 4, Akiane, who was born in Morris, Illinois, began seeing visions of Jesus, heaven, and creation. She started sketching the images she saw and write poetry at age four, eventually advancing to oil paints and acrylics to create stunning, religious-themed images.


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  1. Her atheist parents were surprised when their three-year-old began to describe dreams and visions from God.

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