Why do dogs roll in dead worms

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why do dogs roll in dead worms

As the Worm Turns by Brian Rosenberger

The meaning of life is that it ends. These stories chronicle that journey, the tears, the laughter, the innards. High school hijinks gone awry; the end result of fast food franchises and forgotten river gods colliding; revenge on killer clowns from beyond; zombie death metal auditions; the exquisite dining habits of trolls; cannibal fishermen; hitmen from Hell; Satans favorite advice columnist; the carnival version of American Idol; f*%#ing dragons. All this, and bunnies too. All witnessed firsthand, more or less. These words have been reserved for you. The worms can wait. They know how it ends.
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Japanese Spitz rolls on dead worms in grass trying to "mask" own scent

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, you and your dog have very different notions of what smells nice. As a result, as soon as your just-bathed dog gets the chance, he finds something that smells more acceptable to him—garbage, dog feces, animal carcasses—and starts rolling around.
Brian Rosenberger

Why does my dog roll on dead worms ?

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Pets Dogs. My two dogs like to roll on dead worms? They find earthworms in the backyard and whether they are dead or alive, they roll on them. Does anyone else's dogs do this?

Why do dogs roll in disgusting stuff? But oh, the things with which dogs anoint themselves are usually awful to us humans, even with our lousy sense of smell. But why DO dogs roll in strong smelling scents? And why choose the scents that they do? Why not roll in mint or lavender or, for that matter, old food cartons left on the sidewalk? Tulip, the sheep guarding Great Pyrenees, used to urinate AS she was eating her dinner, most likely because the sheep tried to eat her food.

Whether it is something dead, poop, or just one of those unknown, smelly Veterinarians and behaviorists are not entirely sure why dogs roll in.
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Dogs roll in many things they like the smell of to cover up their scent. The question is why would they want to do that? One theory on rolling on stinky things is that this comes from their survival element from when they were not domesticated. Dogs use to have to hunt for food and there is a tactical advantage to not smelling like a predator. The prey don't know you're coming. Rolling in strong odors -- feces and even dead animals -- is thought to provide scent cover, to help predators land their lunch a little more easily.

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